MY WORLD at CommOcean 2018

What a terrific day! Above are some images of the cast and band getting ready.

Thanks to CommOcean2018, the National Oceanography Centre and Mayflower Theatre.

There were about 200 communicators and / or scientists gathered to talk about the best way to present the challenges of the ocean, and science, to members of the public. The conference took place at St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton.

We were invited to take MY WORLD as an example of how to engage people in a ‘political’ message, and move them emotionally. Story telling is a big thing in communications – look at Christmas ads for examples – and so MY WORLD fits the bill as a show which raises awareness, engages, moves and tells a story with an action at the end.

if you want to watch a snippet of the performance, you can see it here.

I’m really proud that the cast got an elongated standing ovation – it was truly something!

This is a board which was made throughout the conference to record ideas and findings. It was quite something to see! I loved the concept.

This is Tom and I feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. The team from Mayflower Theatre did a brilliant job. We were really pleased with the results and how it all turned out.

And here are the T-Shirts that the cast wore.

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